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Bard has been providing home comfort solutions since 1914。 It’s not unusual to hear from home-owners who want to upgrade a 50-plus year-old Bard system that’s given them comfort and reliability for years。 Bard residential products are synonymous with dependability, so whether you are joining the growing list of geothermal clients or simply looking to update your oil furnace with something more efficient, Bard has your comfort solution。


Geothermal is nothing new to Bard。 We’ve been on the leading edge of the design and manufacture of geothermal heat pumps for more than 30 years, providing smart consumers with a safe, renewable and plentiful fuel source to heat and cool their homes。 Bard designs geothermal systems that satisfy the toughest school classroom code requirements, and we put that same technology and care into our home systems。


Since founder Dale Bard patented his first oil furnace in 1934, Bard has earned an outstanding reputation for designing, manufacturing and servicing quality heating and cooling products。 Today, Bard still delivers – designing smart, efficient oil furnaces that continue to live up to Dale Bard’s strict standards。




Bard has the climate control solution to keep your family comfortable with a wide variety of product options.



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