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Bard Factory Start-up and Commissioning Services

To provide excellence in quality support services to our customers, Bard Manufacturing Company can provides Commissioning services to all customers who purchase Bard products.

The Bard Factory Commissioning Agent with latest training and service tools will perform the necessary Startup and Set-up of equipment to optimize efficiency of your Bard products. The Commissioning Agent will also review equipment features with your staff and verify optimal HVAC performance. This service is one more reason why you can feel confident that your investment is functioning precisely and efficiently.

Startup Benefits include:

  • Startup – following prescribed engineering checklists to ensure all equipment functions meet operational parameters in a reliable and efficient manner.
  • Operation – from startup, ensures new Bard products will operate within designed parameters.
  • Performance – assures customers new Bard products will operate at peak reliability and efficiency during first year of service.

Bard Factory Commissioning can help protect your investment and ensure optimal efficiency!

For more information about the commissing process, obtain a quote for commissioning services or to check schedule availability of commissioning personnel, contact: Louie Bermes,  Bard Manufacturing Company, Inc., Commissioning Agent / Applications Engineer.


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